“Working with my life coach is a wonderful experience. I have clarity, happiness, and I’ve been able to put so many things into perspective. The progress that we are making, wouldn’t have come so fast and easily. If it had not been for her love for God, compassion in her work, and love for learning. I’m gracious to have not just Mrs. Covington as my life coach. But as my big sister in Christ Jesus.” Success!!!

Mrs. Caresa Grant

“Zadora has been such an inspiration! After she wrote and publish her first book, it motivated me to start writing myself. Her ability to love you just as you are allow you to feel comfortable with talking with her.”


“I met my cousin Zadora when she was five years old.  Powerful ministries today are those that have been through great trials or have experienced an unpleasant childhood.  Zadora has experienced both; therefore she is greatly anointed by God .  I know it does not seem fair because of the bad or things that happened in our childhood or in our present or past adult lives, but God always provides us with an open door back to happiness if you believe and knock.  Matthew 7:7 reads, “Knock, and it shall be opened unto you.” Our lives are paths, and I have seen Zadora walk from one path into the path of righteous.  My Spiritual Journey into God’s Presence can help you find happiness for your life”

Tara Thompson

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