30, May 2016

It’s something special in biscuit making! I remember my mother making biscuits when I was a little girl. My mother always had a hot southern meal on the kitchen table everyday. It is in her mothering me and my other 3 silblings that I learn how to be a mother and wife. She always put her children before herself. I was married 18 years to my ex-husband. In those 18 years I dealt with emotional abuse and physical abuse. Every woman dreams of getting married and taking care of their family.  A wife to me keeps her husband and children happy, and she teaches her children Christian morals and values. When I got married I  found joy in cooking and was eager to do all I could to make my home a happy home, soon I dealt with alcoholism, emotional abuse, and physical abuse by my ex-husband. I remember cooking and making those biscuits like my mother taught me, yet when the abuse continued for years, I stop making those biscuits. When I would cook and serve my ex-husband the food I would cook he would tell me to give it to our dogs or put it in the microwave. I was cooking and he wouldn’t eat. Recently I was in my kitchen making homemade biscuits and God told me that I allow the enemy to take away my joy in being a mother and wife. In my kitchen I had a breakthrough making biscuits. I love being a wife and I love being a mother to my children, that’s what God gave me. It’s a blessing in being a wife when you are married to the one God has ordain for you. The abuse by my ex-husband took the enjoyment out of making biscuits. His abuse took the joy out of serving as a wife. There are many women who aspiration was to be the best wife they could be, but it was shattered by abuse by their husband.  God wants to heal you woman and give your joy and desire back. Don’t allow the  domestic abuse in your past hinder your future with the one God has for you. Today I am married to my God-ordained mate. My husband treats me like the queen I am. Honey, it’s healing in the kitchen, making mama’s homemade biscuit recipe. Don’t allow domestic abuse shattered your dreams of being the wife God ordain you to be or steal your mama’s biscuit recipe.