10, May 2016

Blind Leading The Blind

Blind leaders can’t lead you if their eyes aren’t open to see God in all his glory. Blind leaders are lead by their own carnality, not by the Holy Spirit. There are so many leaders led sheep astray by false doctrine and false teaching. Open your eyes “Body of Christ”, discern the time we are […]

Broken Families
23, Feb 2016

Broken Families!

In today’s society its the norm to have one parent households, leaving the child without either their father or their mother. There was a time when having children out of wedlock was shun or frown upon. Now you have women going to sperm banks getting artificial insemination, and¬†becoming surrogate mothers for gay partners. Children are […]

women resting in God's presences
27, Oct 2015

Resting in God

In the winter season God’s creation rest, its a time of refreshing, a time of revival, a time of rest. Merriam-Webster dictionary defines hibernation as an inactive state resembling deep sleep in which certain animals living in cold climates pass the winter. In hibernation, the body temperature is lowered and breathing and heart rates slowdown. […]

20, Oct 2015

Take the Bull by the Horns!

  “Take the bull by the horns,” is a idiom used to tell a person to confront a problem head-on and deal with it openly. So often we try to avoid confrontation or facing the problems in our life. The one it affects the most is us. Only you know what you allow to plague […]

03, Mar 2015

Let Go and Let God

The hardest things to do sometimes is letting go of baggage from our past and learning how to let God heal us. UN-forgiveness is one weight in a person’s life that keeps them from letting go of their past hurts. UN-forgiveness is poison to the heart and physically, spiritually, and mentally affects our life and […]